Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One More Breath

Gift of Life, that grips my soul
And threatens yet to take me whole
Before I lift my face to death
Let me have just one more breath.

One more breath to taste the dream
That floats before my eyes unseen.
One last breath to say goodbye
To she who was my reason why.

Let me breathe for just a time
Without the ache that is always mine.
Let me breathe a moment more
So that my broken heart might soar
And learn again before I’m through
The happy secret I once knew.

Give me this and I will leave
Without a word and never grieve.
Just a smile within my heart
For all I’ve had right from the start.
Gift of Life, don’t cry for me
I’ve been blessed just to be.
Loved enough for eternity.

I give my future to the past.
Gift of Life, you are gone at last.

   ~ Andy Clemence

© 2012, Andy Clemence