Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Prologue to An Ending"

Into the streets of mourning
Out of the heart of the night
Where the world is wet for weeping
Behold, the godless white...

Of a day that dawns without a prayer
For a man who’s lost his soul somewhere
A man whose chosen
What he knows in
His heart cannot be right.

To run through the Fields of Forever
Where none have ever trod
To storm the Gates of Heaven
And steal the face of God.

Pray for the soul that slips away
To seek the night and shun the day
No black or white
No wrong or right
Only endless shades of gray.

For he has become the darkness
The man he was no more
As soulless as the shadows
That toil upon the floor.

Woe to him who laughs no more
for he shall mourn forever.
Woe to him who needs you
for you shall not be together.

Woe to me
for I am he
who deep within your breast
Forever cries
with open eyes
that sleep but never rest.

~ Andy Clemence

© 2017, Andy Clemence